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Veronica Maravankin

Veronica Maravankin Consulting
Lead Consultant
Palm Beach, Florida
Veronica Maravankin has served as the Early Childhood Director of the Barbara & Jack Kay Early Childhood Learning Center at the Mandel Jewish Community Center of the Palm Beaches for the past eleven years. Throughout her tenure Veronica, along with the school’s faculty and administration which she supervises, has transformed the school from a traditional daycare to a state of the art, forward thinking Early Childhood Learning Center; from a school that relied solely in a rote learning based curriculum to a school where constructivist - inquiry based learning takes center stage.
For the past ten years Veronica has been an active member of the JCC Association’s Early Childhood Department; she was one of the original creators of the Sheva Early Learning Framework and is currently a Sheva faculty member.
Veronica is proficient in 21st Century Education, Faculty Professional Development & Supervision, Fiscal Responsibility, Lay Leader & Donor Relations, Systemic Change and Seamless Judaism
Originally from Argentina, she has lived in Florida for 16 years. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, biking and baking. She has a very soft spot for Israeli music and dancing.