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Adenia Linker, MEd, SAYD, CYT

Erikson Institute’s SEL Initiative
Project Coordinator
Adenia Linker, MEd, SAYD, CYT, is the Project Coordinator for Erikson Institute’s SEL Initiative. She has nearly 20 years’ experience bringing wellness education to children, families and educators. During that time, Adenia has partnered with nearly 50 Chicago schools and community organizations, supporting their staff and families. She has a deep understanding of how our youth respond to their environment and how to help them foster valuable physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. Most recently, Adenia has managed a federally funded study of mindfulness as tool for enhancing social and emotional skills in K-2nd grade classrooms. Overseeing the implementation in over 90 classrooms, supporting 16 elementary school teams and engaging with stakeholders at every level, she (like all involved) eagerly awaits published outcomes expected this winter. As a graduate of UIC's Department of Educational Psychology, she is engaged in ongoing social and emotional learning research, serves as an adjunct professor and conducts anti-bias workshop at Erikson Institute. She is also currently enrolled in Erikson’s Doctoral program with a focus on the intersection between social justice and social and emotional learning.